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Which is the best smart home alarm system?

Perhaps security in your own four walls is also a particularly important issue for you. Burglaries are slowly declining, but depending on where you live, the number of burglaries is still "worrying".

The acquisition of an alarm system can perhaps be useful here. Gone are the days when an alarm system had to be installed by a specialist, most smart home alarm systems are quite easy to set up and install.

Egardia alarm system

Probably the safest smart home alarm system is the Egardia model . We are already moving in a professional direction here! This alarm system can detect jammers, has an emergency battery, sends SMS notifications or calls you in the event of an alarm. There are also interesting expansion modules such as a glass break sensor.

However, the disadvantages are the costs. Egardia “persuades” you to take out a monthly security subscription, which is necessary for many functions, such as SMS or telephone notifications. The Egardia system is therefore primarily suitable for professional users who want to secure a business or office.

The universal one, Homematic IP

Homematic IP probably offers the greatest variety of modules and functions . These are not limited to security, i.e. door / window contacts, but Homematic IP also offers smart radiator thermostats and lots of other modules such as roller shutter actuators, smoke detectors or wireless door locks.

The Homematic IP system is quite open, including Amazon Echo support or for the Telekom Smart Home system. In terms of price, Homematic IP is in the midfield. If you are concerned about data protection, don't worry. Homematic IP is a German company.

The use and setup is also exceptionally easy. Homematic IP is the ideal system if you want to delve a little deeper into the world of the smart home and home automation.

However, Homematic IP is not a "special" alarm system. This can be fully used for this, but does not focus on it.

Simple, good and reliable? iSmartAlarm !

The iSmartAlarm system works excellently in everyday life and the individual modules are comparatively cheap.

The only disadvantage is that the iSmartAlarm system is really just an alarm system. So there are no smart smoke detectors, radiator thermostats, etc.

Accordingly, the app is, for example, fully trimmed to function as an alarm system, which makes it very clear and simple.

Somfy Home Alarm System

Somfy Home Alarm System is a more exotic system, but it does offer a few interesting features.

First of all, this is a pure security system. There are no radiator thermostats or the like. For this you need a second system.

What makes the Somfy Home Alarm System interesting are the "special features".

A battery backup, even if the power fails, the system (the acoustic alarm) remains active for 4 hours. If your neighbor also has a Somfy Home Alarm System, your system can even connect to it in an emergency. So you can receive app notifications even when the power and internet are gone.

Somfy door / window sensors react to vibrations. This can trigger them if someone tampered with the door / window, even if it is not yet fully open.

The remote control can automatically deactivate the alarm system if you approach it with it.

These are quite interesting and relevant features. However, the basic set of the Somfy Home Alarm System is not cheap at almost £400!