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The best 10 smart TVs that are easy to use and have good app support

Most brand manufacturers nowadays equip their televisions with a Smart TV function, which offers numerous advantages, since you can, for example, select different programs and apps in a much clearer menu.

But which smart TVs are among the best devices and what exactly should you pay attention to if you are interested in such a modern TV?

1. Samsung UE55MU6179U Smart TV with LED display

The Samsung UE55MU6179U is a well-equipped smart TV that not only features many different modern functions, but also a display that dissolves in Ultra HD . This Smart TV is available for you to choose from in different display sizes from 40 inches to 75 inches, whereby Samsung has also decided to offer both a classic flat and curved version of this TV.

With the high-resolution UHD model with a 55-inch display, you can look forward to a total resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Various DVB options ensure digital television reception, and of course you also have the option of connecting devices to the television via HDMI, USB, LAN or WLAN.

Thanks to the Smart TV functions, Samsung has tailored this device to play streaming apps. In this context, the services Netflix, Amazon Video as well as Zattoo or YouTube should be mentioned.

2. LG 55UJ635V Ultra HD TV with Smart TV Features

The manufacturer LG also offers particularly easy-to-use Smart TVs, whereby the device with the model designation 55UJ635V should be an option for you if you place great value on it.

The variant with a 55-inch display that has a resolution of UHD or 4K costs a good £500 and is therefore available at a solid price if you look closely at the technical features.

The manufacturer LG in particular has developed a user interface that is very clear. So if you don't have that much experience with a Smart TV, you can look forward to a simple user interface so that you can arrange all the apps and programs relevant to you within a few seconds. The interactive EPG program in particular is really impressive and has the advantage that you no longer need a programme guide.

3.Sony KDL-32WD755

The Sony brand is also known for high-quality televisions for home use, which are usually characterized by very good picture quality. This also applies to the KDL-32WD755 model, which has many different Smart TV functions and can therefore be found here in this list of the best models.

Sony installs the X-Reality PRO option , which ensures an exceptional picture in terms of richness of detail. So if you attach great importance to a good resolution and a model in Full HD may be sufficient for you, you will benefit from a good alternative compared to the much more expensive versions that resolve in 4K or UHD.

The smart TV functions that the Sony KDL-32WD755 offers are also very interesting. You can watch all of your favorite clips on YouTube, all TV series and focus from the ARD and ZDF media libraries. As well as streaming Amazon Video, Maxdome and Netflix.

4. Hisense H43NEC5205 Smart TV

Perhaps you are also familiar with the television models from the manufacturer Hisense, which are mainly advertised at football matches and similar sporting events. These devices from the Asian brand are characterized by a good price-performance ratio and are usually much cheaper than the models from Sony, Samsung and LG.

The Smart TV Hisense H43NEC5205 , for example, has a display size of 43 inches, although you can get this version with up to 65 inches. Thanks to the 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the resolution is at a 4K level and ensures a detailed image for you. The Ultra HD upscaling is also particularly interesting, provided that you do not have high-resolution content that you want to watch.

Thanks to the Vidaa Smart TV Portal, you can also take advantage of a wide range of different apps. The AnyView Cast function ensures that you can transfer all of the content on the television to your smartphone or tablet and vice versa, which significantly expands the range of functions.

5. Grundig 43 VLX 6000 BP Smart TV

The Grundig 43 VLX 6000 BP is a television that also offers some practical Smart TV functions and is also characterized by solid workmanship . This model is also available for you to buy in various display sizes, with the range being expanded to up to 65 inches.

A detailed 4K resolution extends over the entire display. The HD triple tuner for DVB-T2 HD also ensures sufficient reception , although you can of course also plug a cable and a CI + module for pay TV into this device.

Otherwise, you benefit from the usual selection of Smart TV functions that the Grundig 43 VLX 6000 BP supports for you. In this context, the focus is on the apps of the video providers YouTube, MyVideo and Maxdome, so that sufficient entertainment is provided.

6. JVC LT-40V54JF Smart TV

In the range of inexpensive models, the TVs from the JVC brand are also ideal for you. For example, the Full HD device with the model name JVC LT-40V54JF should be mentioned. You can get a similar device from the same manufacturer but also with a 4K resolution, whereby you can look forward to display sizes from 40 inches to 55 inches.

JVC integrates a triple tuner DVB-T2, which supports the common codec H.265 / HEVC. With cable and satellite it is also no problem at all that you can receive digital television without the need for an additional receiver.

It is also interesting that you can easily connect this television to the Internet via WLAN. However, some devices can also be connected via Bluetooth. Thus, thanks to the internet connection, you can access video portals such as Amazon Video, Netflix or Maxdome.

7. Thomson 40FD5426 Smart TV

The smart TV Thomson 40FD5426, which is available for just under £270, goes in a similar direction. This is a device that is equipped with a 40-inch display. This screen has a full HD resolution and ensures solid quality.

You can connect various technical devices to it via HDMI. The WLAN connection to the Internet is also remarkably interesting, thanks to which it is no problem at all that you can stream all series and films in a solid quality.

However, the Smart TV functions are limited to a minimum compared to the absolute top models and primarily relate to the streaming options via Netflix and Co.

8.Telefunken XF39D101 Smart TV with full HD resolution

Quite similar to JVC, the manufacturer Telefunken also offers different televisions that can be assigned to the same price category. If you look at the technical equipment features, you will find further overlaps. Accordingly, the Telefunken XF39D101 Smart TV is an exceptionally good alternative compared to the devices already presented.

Here you can benefit from a solid Full HD resolution, with the frame rate of 300 Hz moving at a solid level. Thanks to the integrated triple tuner DVB-T2, you are also not dependent on an additional receiver.

Many streaming services that are extremely popular, such as Netflix, Amazon Video or Maxdome, are also supported via WLAN. Of course, it is also no problem at all that you can also play videos from YouTube and Facebook.

9. DYON Enter 40 Pro-X Smart TV with hotel function

The DYON brand also produces particularly inexpensive televisions. The Enter 40 Pro-X model is also equipped with some Smart TV features, although these are limited to a minimum.

You can basically benefit from an electronic program guide (EPG). This saves you the monthly program guide. The playback mode in HD, which is possible via USB, is also remarkably interesting.

Accordingly, with this device you can connect a USB stick or other USB hard drives to the television in order to benefit from a fully functional video player.

10. Panasonic TX-40ESW504 Viera Smart TV

If you are looking for a smart LED TV that has many functions, you will not make a mistake with the Panasonic TX-40ESW504 from the popular Viere series. This model is available for you with different display sizes and ensures a brilliant display of movement, which is particularly relevant for action and sports broadcasts.

The Quattro tuner, which the manufacturer Panasonic uses for this model, is also interesting. So, you benefit from a wide range of reception via DVB and IP-TV.

The Adaptive Backlight Dimming function also ensures a razor-sharp image, which is especially the case in dark scenes. An extremely high contrast is guaranteed thanks to an intelligent background exposure.

The various Internet apps and the available browser also make this device a real smart TV that is easy to use and of course can also be used with Netflix and Co.

Smart TVs purchase advice

If you still remember the classic tube televisions or the first generations of modern LED televisions, you may also know that these were anything but “smart” in terms of menu navigation and some other functions. The latest generation of TVs, on the other hand, is bursting with intelligent features and simple menu navigation that also has an active connection to the Internet.

So it is not a problem at all that you can display additional information on the currently running TV program with a well-equipped Smart TV, for example, which also applies to news. If you are also interested in these smart TVs, you will find a comprehensive guide attached which explains the most important features, functions and information on device selection.

What advantages does a smart TV offer in practice?

Thanks to the Internet connection that a Smart TV establishes via the router or WLAN, you can take advantage of numerous advantages. This saves you a conventional program guide, among other things, because all information is available to you in digital form and can also be accessed interactively.

The same applies to the apps of popular services such as YouTube, Netflix or Amazon Video. You can play all these programs on a modern Smart TV and thus access additional content, such as films, series or all kinds of documentaries. Depending on the model and manufacturer, you can also choose the main menu according to your needs can adapt to personal ideas.


It is also worth mentioning that with many smart TVs you are also able to access the TV program in the entire house via smartphone or tablet and thus benefit from a kind of second screen. If you have also installed the respective app of the smart TV on your smartphone, you can use it as an alternative remote control, which is practical.

As you can see, a smart TV offers numerous advantages that are particularly suitable for home cinema fans and series junkies and that represent important functions compared to classic devices.

The most important features that a smart TV should have

Display size

The screen diagonal represents the size of the display that was built into the smart TV. Modern devices are not infrequently up to 65 inches tall and therefore measure a total of 163 cm on the diagonal. However, there are still smaller models available that also support the modern functions of an intelligent TV set. Depending on how much space you have in your living room and what kind of television experience you have in mind, certain screen diagonals are better or worse for you. So pay attention to the space required and your individual preferences with regard to the display size of the smart TV.

Resolution of the display

In addition to the screen diagonal, the resolution of the smart TV naturally also plays a central role. The larger this is, the more detailed the picture is, which is a clear difference for you, especially with UHD or 4K content compared to Full HD.

Please evaluate your personal usage behaviour and check whether you frequently use Blu-rays with high-resolution content or streaming services that make films or series available to you in 4K. Of course, you should always make sure that you have a sufficiently fast internet connection. A classic 16K DSL connection is not enough for 4K content.

The larger and brighter the display, the higher the power consumption. Remember to set the display correctly so that you can lower it a little. Most manufacturers also integrate some modern functions with regard to energy consumption in their devices.

Screen technology

Most smart TVs these days have an LED screen. More expensive models, on the other hand, are equipped with an OLED display, which usually offers the advantages of better viewing angles and reduced energy consumption. Especially if you attach great importance to a representation of black content that is as accurate as possible, you should rely on the new OLED technology. Classic LED TVs are not able to optimally implement the black display.

If you expect optimal results in the area of viewing angles, then you should take a closer look at smart TVs that are equipped with a curved display. The screen is curved and offers exactly these advantages.

3D display

If a 3D function is essential for you, the smart TV should have such a technology. With the help of 3D glasses, you will then be able to see all of the content in 3D. Make sure to remember that you need the appropriate material for this, which is usually only available via Blu-Ray. A good Blu-Ray player that can play 3D data carriers is of course also necessary for this.

Refresh rate

This value is given in Hertz and describes the number of images per second that a television can display. Basically, with a high refresh rate you will benefit from a smoother picture flow. A correspondingly high refresh rate is particularly important for you as a user, especially with action-packed scenes or content that has fast image sequences.


Modern televisions are usually characterized by a variety of connection options. In addition to HDMI, you can also plug USB devices, LAN cables and CI + cards into the television and thus connect your technical devices to the television. Some televisions are also able to connect to the Internet via WLAN. If this is sufficient for you and you have a solid WLAN connection in your own four walls, you can also use this. As an alternative to this, the use of a network cable is better for you, as the active connection is much more stable.

Operating system

The leading manufacturers of smart TVs each rely on different operating systems or their own developments and interfaces, some of which differ greatly from one another. In order to be able to determine which operating system and which menu navigation is best for you, it is advisable that you go to an electronics store and use the remote control. As an alternative to this, you can also find numerous short films on the YouTube video platform on how the menu navigation was implemented by the manufacturers Sony, LG, Samsung and Co.

Depending on the model, the range of functions can be significantly greater with different operating systems. Modern devices also have language support, which means that you can easily transmit all commands to the television using voice.

Which Smart TV is Best for You?

Depending on the space available, preferences regarding the display size, screen resolution and the available budget, there are different smart TVs for you. To support you in choosing the right models, we have put together a detailed guide for you that affects different target groups.

TV users who rarely use their smart TV

If you already know that you only watch TV programs occasionally, it is quite unnecessary to choose the most expensive TV. So be sure to evaluate your personal usage behaviour and also commit yourself to a specific budget in order to be able to find a suitable Smart TV in your price range.

Regular smart TV connoisseurs

Starting with daily use, it is recommended that you commit to a significantly higher quality Smart TV that has an appropriate screen size and resolution. The same applies to pleasant menu navigation and the usual functions that you would expect from a good smart TV. In this context, there is primarily talk of an electronic program guide, with this menu also being marketed as an EPG by the respective manufacturers.

Smart TVs for film and series fans

You should commit yourself to a smart TV that resolves all content in at least 4K or UHD. According to the current technology standard, this revolves around the highest possible resolution of the displays that is affordable for average consumers. In this context, however, remember that you must stream the corresponding content and therefore depend on an amazingly fast internet connection. If this does not exist, it does not make much sense for you to commit yourself to such an expensive Smart TV. Of course, this does not apply to you if you have a large collection of Blu-rays.

TV sets for home theatre fans

Smart TVs from 65 inches in size are ideal for the target group of ambitious home cinema owners. This means that all the requirements are available for you to ensure a real cinema feeling. For such a smart TV, however, you must spend at least £2,000, whereby you can generally expect real high-tech functions that are impressive.

Recommended accessories for your smart TV

A good television is the central focus of your living room or home cinema system. In order to make full use of it, however, you are dependent on various accessories from the multimedia segment that can be connected to the smart TV.

Audio system

A good sound system improves the overall audio performance of the television immensely and is no comparison. So, opt for a 5.1 or 7.1 sound system or, as an alternative, use a modern soundbar from a well-known manufacturer. In this way you ensure a room-filling sound, which ensures that a real cinema feeling arises in your living room. Soundbars, for example, are much more suitable for you if the space available in your living room is extremely limited. Depending on the acoustics and properties, you can still ensure room-filling sound effects.

Blu-ray player

Nowadays DVDs are already a little out of date because Blu-Rays offer the advantage that much higher-resolution content can be stored on these high-capacity data carriers. However, in order to play such a Blu-ray, you need a Blu-ray player. You can simply connect it to your smart TV and thus bring an almost endless range of entertainment into your home, which is practical.

Game console

If you consider yourself a gamer and enjoy playing the latest games, you can use a game console and connect it to the television. The current models from Sony (Playstation), Microsoft ( Xbox One ) and Nintendo Swift, for example, are recommended for these target groups who want to enjoy their games comfortably on TV.

Pay TV

If you are a subscriber to the pay TV broadcaster Sky, this provider will send you a module for which you need a CI + slot on your smart TV. In this way, the signal that the television receives is decrypted for you and you can, for example, watch the current games from the live conference of the Bundesliga, which is particularly popular with fans, from the comfort of your own home.

Media recording

With most smart TVs, it is no problem at all that all content can be conveniently recorded on different storage media. For this you should connect a suitable USB memory stick to the Smart TV to ensure this. If such a feature is particularly relevant to you, make sure that this media recording function is available before purchasing such a television.