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Which mood light is your favourite?

After the Hue Go was updated last year and the second generation delivers numerous improvements, it was the turn of the Hue Bloom in the spring. And the third mood light in the group is now available in a new generation, even in a limited edition. We are of course talking about the Hue Iris.

But how do the two mood lights differ from one another? Read on to discover the differences.

Philips Hue Iris: The special design

When it comes to design, the Hue Iris is so easy to fool yourself, with its transparent body the mood light looks impressively great. Most importantly, it is significantly larger than the Hue Go and Hue Bloom.

  • Up to 70 lumens of brightness
  • 860 grams in weight
    • Available in black and white
  • £70

The special feature:

As the first Philips Hue product to date, the Hue Iris is also be available as a limited edition in the colours copper, gold, silver and rose

Philips Hue Bloom: The tiny one

The Hue Bloom is significantly smaller than the Hue Go and the Hue Iris, but it does not have to hide. Since the update, the previously somewhat poorly equipped Hue Bloom has been convincing.

  • Up to 500 lumens of brightness
  • 452 grams
    • Available in black and white
  • £60

Perhaps the specialty of this table lamp is that it has no special features at all? Maybe it is the compact size too? It is worth mentioning that metal was also used as a material for the housing and not just plastic.


Since similar technology is used, it is incredibly difficult to choose a winner based on this alone
The Hue Iris is larger and more expensive than the Hue Bloom but does come in a limited edition. Ultimately it comes down to preference, would you prefer it smaller or bigger? The Hue Bloom it significantly cheaper and a lot more compact.