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In professional circles, Innr is regarded as a particularly good alternative supplier of Philips Hue technology. What is it about the price advantages with which the new apartment can be transformed into an oasis of well-being in terms of light after moving in?

Wireless lighting systems are trendy, they are effective, easy to install and on top of that they also save electricity costs. The radio-networked lights can be easily and conveniently controlled from your smartphone and immerse your new home in an atmospheric ambience. It doesn't matter whether you are in your apartment or on a vacation trip to Lake Constance.

Timers and Automation

The whole thing can also be done automatically via a timer and if you want to take it to the extreme, you can synchronize the lighting system with the TV signal and thus receive light pulses in the living room that interact with those of the home cinema. Voice control is of course also possible, e.g. B. via the popular Amazon Echo Plus.

Technically, many systems work via a radio standard called Zigbee, for example that of the market leader in Germany Philips. Their "Hue" solutions were part of the market preparers very early on (were for example already recommended by Telekom for entry into the market) and the "Smart Lighting" area has now developed into a mass market, not least because Osram and Ikea With system solutions, rely on precisely this Zigbee radio standard. This makes the LED technology not only compatible with each other but also comparable. While the technical comparisons usually don't reveal much that is exciting, the price comparisons are enormous.

Innr is no longer traded as an insider tip when it comes to the “Philips Hue” alternative. The price advantages are too obvious in view of comparable performance values and the product quality offered. While the acquisition costs of the bridge necessary for the Zigbee control are almost comparable between market leaders Philips and Innr, the price advantages for Innr for LED lamps cannot be dismissed out of hand.

With this in mind, many users also operate the combination of Philips Hue-Bridge and Innr-LED . In fact, the Hue Bridge not only offers compatibility advantages (e.g. Apple HomeKit) but also a much more functional app and additive effect apps, i.e. more effective lighting control via smartphone or tablet. So if you want to simulate volcanic scenarios or sunsets in your new apartment, you should opt for the Hue Bridge. Purists and newcomers who do not value the bells and whistles of such effect modes are recommended to use the free Innr app, which is very functional and tidy.

Price comparison

For the price comparison we have chosen two popular products from the “Smart Lighting” area. On the one hand, there are the RGB versions with an E27 socket (i.e. the base that is still most widespread in the conventional light bulb sector. On the other hand, the currently particularly popular "Light Strips", i.e. light chains with which meter-long color modes (16 Millions of color tones) with different brightness.

The price comparison is not only clearly in favor of Innr for these two products, but it is particularly concrete here.

  • RGB products with an E27 socket (widespread in the UK) that are able to reproduce a selection of 16.7 million colors . If you buy 2 x Philips products, you would get 3 x lamps that are qualitatively comparable in every respect received from Innr.
  • The price comparison between Philips and the alternative from the manufacturer Innr is even clearer if you look at the data of the Hue Lightstrip (in English LED light chain) and everyone else that Innr has on offer. The Innr light chain has a greater density of LED units, but it is not quite as bright in the reproduction of maximum white.
  • The Hue Lightstrip costs around £60 - the Innr Flex FL 130 C product costs just under £70. And that with twice the length and an even narrower LED arrangement. In other words for a surcharge of just £10, Innr customers can get another 2 meters in length, which can be shortened.