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The Amazon Echo devices are a series of intelligent speakers that can be used through voice control. The virtual language assistants are manufactured by the American company In order to be able to use an Amazon device, it must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The devices are activated by a signal word or by pressing an action button.

The Amazon Echo devices are equipped with four to seven microphones, depending on the version, that recognize the activation word and process the voice command. In addition, the Amazon Echo has an integrated speaker, the quality and performance of which differs depending on the device.

Everyone knows Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, who is active on the Amazon Echo devices. However, opinions on the Amazon Echo devices still differ. What is a practical helper in everyday life for some is a bugging spy for others who is voluntarily brought into the apartment.

But what is it about the intelligent speakers with voice assistance? What can the devices do, what benefits do they bring in everyday life, for whom are they suitable and how dangerous are they really in terms of data protection and security against eavesdropping and which is the best device? In this article we will look at 5 of the different Amazon Echo devices.

The best 5 Amazon echoes in comparison - intelligent speakers with a friendly Alexa voice

1. Amazon Echo Dot: The smallest of the Amazon Echo family

The Amazon Echo Dot is the smallest member of the Amazon Echo family. Nevertheless, it is not inferior to the big Amazon Echo, because its capabilities are exactly the same as those of the larger Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo Dot is equipped with seven far-field microphones, which ensure that the device can understand your voice commands from across the room and in noisy surroundings or when playing music.
The Amazon Echo Dot is equipped with a 41 mm loudspeaker. Unlike other devices from the Echo family, it does not have dual speakers with Dolby Sound, but it can be connected to a more powerful speaker at any time with a 3.5 mm jack plug or via Bluetooth. The only difference between the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot is the size and quality of the speaker.

The small Amazon Echo Dot is not only the ideal introduction to the world of Amazon Echo, it also brings Amazon's Alexa easily and conveniently into every room. With the Echo Dot, for example, smart home components such as lamps, light switches, thermostats and more can be easily controlled by voice input and thanks to the integrated small speaker, the device can be used as an intelligent alarm clock or as an assistant in the kitchen.

You can also use the Echo Dot to make voice calls, use the Drop In function or receive messages from other Echo devices. The voice assistant Alexa is constantly learning new skills and functions and an automatic update, which means that it is continuously improved.

2. Amazon Echo: Music and much more

You can control the intelligent Amazon Echo loudspeaker with just your voice. Whether listening to music, calling up the news or weather forecast, getting information about the cinema or television program or playing audio books, the Amazon Echo does everything on demand.

You can also create lists, call a taxi and of course control your smart home components such as lamps or thermostats. Thousands of skills make your Amazon Echo a real helper in everyday life and new skills are constantly being added that you can easily activate.
To control the smart home components, a smart home hub may be required, which is not included in the scope of delivery of the Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo loudspeaker is equipped with a 63 mm woofer and a 16 mm tweeter with Dolby technology. The intelligent loudspeaker thus offers clear, room-filling sound and dynamic bass. No matter what you are doing, you always have your hands free with the Amazon Echo. The seven microphones of the Amazon Echo react from every direction and also from the other side of the room, regardless of whether you are listening to music, whether the television is on or if it is quiet in the room.

This allows you to communicate with your Amazon Echo at any time and you can, for example, adjust the volume of the music, set timers, alarm clocks and reminders or send voice messages or text messages to other Echo devices or the Alexa app. You can also make voice calls or connect to other Alexa devices in the household via drop-in.

3. Echo Plus 2nd generation: Your partner in matters of smart home

The Amazon Echo Plus is your reliable partner when it comes to smart home control. It is equipped with an integrated smart home hub with which you can easily set up and control compatible lamps, plugs and other devices directly. An additional hub is no longer required. This device is the 2nd generation of the Echo Plus.

In addition, the Amazon Echo Plus has all the capabilities that the Amazon Echo has. Seven microphones, noise suppression and directional beam technology ensure that the Amazon Echo Plus can hear you from every direction, even when music is playing, or other voices can be heard in the background.
The Amazon Echo Plus has an improved speaker that is particularly powerful. It is equipped with Dolby technology and consists of a 76 mm woofer and a 20 mm tweeter. The Amazon Echo Plus is also equipped with an audio input and output.

Use the Amazon Echo Plus with an integrated smart home hub to control all your smart home components and also listen to music with the device, call up the weather report, the news or the traffic situation, have your audiobooks read to you, set up alarm clocks , Set reminders or timers or ask questions to the smart speaker. You can also make voice calls or send voice and text messages to other Amazon Echo devices or the Alexa app or simply connect to other Alexa devices in the household via Drop In.

4. Echo Show: Amazon Echo with video function

The Amazon Echo Show offers you all the functions that the other Echo devices offer but is also equipped with a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1,024 x 600 pixels. On the screen you can watch your daily news summaries as a video, you can call up the weather forecast, view your photos, shopping lists or to-do lists, follow the lyrics or even have the pictures transmitted by security cameras.

The Echo Show is equipped with eight microphones, noise cancellation and directional beam technology and can hear you from every direction, even when you are playing music. Powerful loudspeakers with Dolby Sound, passive bass radiator and 50 mm stereo drivers ensure optimal sound. With the multiroom function, you can even play your music in several rooms on different Echo devices.

With the Amazon Echo Show you can not only make voice calls, but you can also connect via video call with anyone who also uses an Echo Show or the Alexa app on their smartphone or tablet. You can reach all other Echo devices with a voice call.

Of course, you can also control your smart home components with the Amazon Echo Show. However, this may require a Smart Home Hub, which is not included in the scope of delivery. Many skills ensure extremely versatile application possibilities and Alexa is constantly learning new skills through new skills.

5. Echo Spot: Amazon Echo Video Alarm Clock

The Amazon Echo Spot is a smart speaker with a 6.3 cm large, round screen and it is so small and compact that it can fit into any room. For example, it is ideal as a music or radio alarm clock in the bedroom and, in addition to reading your audio book to you to fall asleep, shows you the current time. But the Amazon Echo Spot is also perfect for use in all other rooms.

You can view lyrics on the display, view your calendar or lists, listen to music or audiobooks, or connect with friends, family and other Amazon Echo users via video call, voice call, drop in or voice message. Of course, you can also control your smart home components via the Amazon Echo Spot.
On the display of the Amazon Echo Spot, you can have the time shown in the form of personalized clock faces or you can set a background photo from the Prime photo collection.

The Amazon Echo Spot has four microphones, improved noise cancellation and beam technology, and can hear you from across the room when you are listening to music. The sound is emitted by a 36 mm speaker and to improve the somewhat poor sound, you can connect an external speaker to the Amazon Echo Spot via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio output.


All the five devices featured here are different in their own way. At the end of the day chose the Amazon Echo that is best suited for your home and lifestyle and you cannot go wrong.