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Which system suits you?

You want a smart thermostat, and you want to be able to regulate the temperature per room? Then you are faced with a difficult choice, because the offer is enormous, while the needs naturally differ per living situation. And so, you are looking for the best solution for you, is that Tado or Honeywell? Is that the Honeywell Evohome or Tado? In other words: how do you save the most energy and increase the living comfort the most?

It is not easy to compare these top brands with each other

All three brands offer good value for money. The differences that are already there are small. Moreover, the choice you make always depends on your specific wishes and your specific living situation.

The differences between Tado and Honeywell

If you compare Tado and Honeywell and want to work with smart thermostats and zone control systems. Then there are some differences between the two. We will now focus here on solutions for zone heating.


  • Honeywell works simply and wirelessly with underfloor heating, while at Tado you need a work-around to make it work properly. For example, you need a zone valve and there must be a direct cable between the distributor and thermostat.
  • Honeywell offers more options to adapt to various systems, which is more difficult with Tado.
  • At Honeywell, the control panel is the central communication hub. At Tado, the bridge is the central hub, and this can be placed in any location. With Honeywell, operation is via the central screen, with Tado there is no central screen, everything is done via the app.
  • The maximum number of temperature zones for Honeywell is 12, while Tado’s is 10.
  • Honeywell has 1 temperature sensor in the radiator knob, Tado has 2.
  • Honeywell is not compatible with Apple HomeKit, Tado is
  • The Honeywell system is more extensive, but therefore also slightly more difficult to install than Tado.
  • At Honeywell, a converter is needed if you work with protocols from other boiler brands,
  • Tado supports several protocols in addition to OpenTherm.
  • Tado keeps an eye on larger systems to see if they are working properly
  • Geofencing works with an external app, Tado works with internal geofencing
  • The radiator knobs from Tado are a bit quieter than those from Honeywell

Application from Tado, Honeywell control panel

If you look more at the functionalities, you are more likely to opt for Honeywell, while Tado's application only just beats that of Honeywell. However, if you prefer to work with a control panel, then you should choose Honeywell again, as this brand also works better if you have underfloor heating at home. Working with a smartphone is, according to users, a little easier with Tado. Putting the different systems next to each other therefore gives you the picture that they differ somewhat at a detailed level and that the differences that are there are minimal. Your taste plays a role, as does your living situation in the choice you make.

The presence sensors speak in favour of the Nest brand

Because the Tado scores slightly more points than Honeywell, we also compare the Nest E and the Tado V3 +. Again, the conclusion is that both brands deliver excellent products. Now it appears that the Nest Learning Thermostat V3 just beats the Tado Smart on things like functionality and operation.

The self-learning ability and the self-learning scheme also work fine, just as the presence sensors speak in favour of the Nest. On the other hand, the Tado appears to be better able to regulate the temperature per room. Tado is also cheaper and easier to install and Tado also offers more functions. Here too you could call Tado the winner in width, although the differences are also minimal.

A short summary of the brands:

  • Tado is constantly developing new technologies, products and services to enable a modern and sustainable lifestyle. They provide comfort in all cases and include smart thermostats and radiator controls.
  • Honeywell has a somewhat wider range of products, all of which offer quality and ease of use. This brand offers both the Lyric thermostat and Honeywell Evohome , the system for heating multiple zones.
  • Nest wants to make every home safer and more comfortable and stands out for its sleek design, the urge to innovate and the degree of user-friendliness.

Nest, Tado and Honeywell always do what they promise

In the various investigations that have been carried out and that are still taking place and the numerous reviews, it appears that the Nest, Tado and Honeywell products do what they promise. And that is of course already worth a lot nowadays.

The result is substantial savings on your heating costs and an increase in living comfort. And in many cases that is quite an investment for most people. The time of the old-fashioned thermostat - which saw and sees the house as a whole and also heats it up as a whole - seems to be gone forever.

These three brands offer much better systems, systems that are much better suited to the current modern era in which we live


The conclusion is that all brands simply offer top-shelf quality. The fact that more functions are available if you choose Tado can be seen as an advantage but can be explained as a disadvantage by people who like less. And we are talking about energy savings of 30 or 31 percent.

You can say that in the world of smart thermostats and zone systems these three brands stand out, and clearly distinguish themselves from the other providers, and there are plenty of those other providers. The living situation, your taste and your budget play a role, just like the desire to be able to expand a system even further at a later stage play a role in the choice that you ultimately make. So, which one will you choose?