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Heating thermostats that think for themselves

Technology enthusiasts who are still too bored with electronic, programmable thermostats will scream with enthusiasm at the newly developed intelligent heating controllers. Cranking by hand or re-entering “heating requests” each time is a thing of the past - calling the heater via smartphone is the latest trend today. The new, ultra-modern thermostats are available in different versions. One of the noblest inventions is the wall thermostat by former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, who developed the I-Pod for the company with the apple logo.

Nest - remote-controlled operation via smartphone

Nest - the stylish high-tech heating controller works by a heating control via a small box on the living room wall. The wall button developed by Fadell in the Nest Labs is inconspicuous at first glance, but it can do a lot!

The little Nest thermostat regulates everything automatically. The house residents must operate the device manually for about a week, after which it has memorised the respective habits of the family and works completely independently. Nest then knows what temperature must be set at what time and, thanks to a motion detector, is even so smart that it recognises when the residents have left the house. If it does not register any movement in the room after two hours, it automatically shuts down the heating or air conditioning.

Nest never stops learning - if you enter a new command several times in succession, it takes over the new daily routine after a short time. Because Fadell is a former Apple employee, it goes without saying that the heating can also be operated via a computer or iPhone app with the aid of intelligent Wi-Fi access. The fun costs about £250 plus assembly. According to the manufacturer, these costs pay for themselves after about two years.

RWE Smart Home

The radiator thermostat from RWE, which is screwed onto the radiator itself instead of the mechanical thermostat valve, is part of the so-called Smart Home automation system. A radio-controlled central unit can not only control the intelligent thermostats, but also many other devices company that ensure improved living comfort. These devices include, for example, electric roller shutter and floor heating controls, door and window sensors, flush-mounted dimmers, room thermostats, etc.

How the intelligent radiator thermostat from RWE works

Commissioning a new intelligent radiator thermostat is child's play. Simply screw on instead of the mechanical valve head, insert batteries and the device will automatically register with the control centre and program itself.

It is operated either manually, by remote control, wall transmitter, smartphone or via the Internet. If you come home earlier, you can easily inform the head office via the Internet so that the rooms are already comfortably warm when you arrive home. In the online shop, RWE offers the headquarters for convenient online ordering.